“…that looks like fun.”

I am a freelance writer living in Berkeley, California, with 10,000 recipes and a really big stove.

I’ve written about practically every activity known to man from financial institutions and tech, architecture and engineering, nutrition, personal care, loads of travel – including airlines, hotels, resorts and visitors’ associations – as well as a psychic and a guy with a pink helicopter.

But I always loved food and cooking, and at the end of the day, regardless of the words I put into other people’s mouths, I came home to make dinner and eat. I wrote hundreds of columns column about food for the online newspaper, Examiner.com, and when they recently ceased publication, Home Plate Berkeley was born.

Home Plate Berkeley shares cookbook reviews and recipes, news of food events, activities and interesting people, as well as food and product discoveries that influence what makes it onto my plate at home.

I’m just a home cook – any one of you is probably a better cook than me – but I live in a rich community for food, so when I find something new to cook, or I meet someone cool, or a new cookbook lands in the mailbox, or there’s a big event coming up, I’ll let you know.

And if it looks like fun, I hope you’ll try it, too.